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Spider-tizers and Other Creepy Treats. Cowboy Up!

Japanese Street Food - GIANT BALMAIN BUG Lobster Japan Seafood Okinawa

Wordsong, How do you get a handle on the big, crazy world of rodeo? One rider, one bull, one bucking bronco at a time. From kinderarteners on bucking sheep to the clowns that face down raging bulls, here is one day in one rodeo with pictures so close you can feel the thousand-pound bull's breath. Walker Books, Some are willing to risk their own freedom to secure the freedom of others.

In America's darkest hour, the lead up to the Civil War, some very regular people made an extraordinary sacrifice, standing up to say all people should be free when many of their countrymen, and the law, did not agree. Russell Freedman, illustrated by Peter Malone.

The Boston Tea Party. Holiday House, Can you start a war without soldiers or firing a shot, but with humor, costumes, and what was basically a big party instead? America did it; find out how. Aaron Frisch. Start your future horror reader off right with this little primer on the walking dead. Gently scary, and some classy, and campy, black and white illustrations for older fans.

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Joe Funk. An Inside Look at the U. Navy SEALs.

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Scholastic, A first look at the men, machines, weapons, vehicles, and missions of the best of the best elite fighting forces in the world, including a look at how they took down Osama bin Laden. Susan E. Goodman, illustrated by Elwood H. Gee Whiz! Viking Juvenile, Susan E. The Truth About Poop. Saving the Baghdad Zoo.

Greenwillow Books, War destroys lives, and not just human lives. A handful of brave people, led by an American Army officer, took on the challenge of saving the animals in zoos all over Baghdad during the Iraq War. With bullets flying around them, they wrangled lions, alligators and many more animals.

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Heroes come in some surprising shapes. Dracula's Dark World.

Bearport, Natalie Lunis. Tut's Deadly Tomb.

Bugalicious Extreme Cuisine, Meish Goldish. )

Bearport, Stephen Person. Ghostly Alcatraz. Voodoo in New Orleans. Bearport, Steven L. Witchcraft in Salem.

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Bearport, Sheila Griffin Lanas. Mo Willems. Jennifer Morse. Guiness Book of World Records Barbed Wire Baseball. Abrams, There is something freeing about launching a long home run and running easily around the bases and back to home while the ball sails over the fence. But what if the fence is made of barbed wire, and even if the ball can fly away, you can never go home?

People scoff at the idea that sports are life, but what if baseball is all you have of your life? This is the true story of a man who played with babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig, and then was imprisoned with his whole family, his whole community. His crime? He was Japanese, and America went to war with Japan. We don't give nonfiction enough credit, nor do we honor the fact that so many boys want to connect their reading with real life. Well, in this case it is real death in the form of real ghost stories, highly illustrated and quickly told. Great for those kids already addicted to the series, and a grand introduction for those who aren't.

Why not just enjoy Irish folklore? Revel in the playful, and sometimes not so playful, deeds of the wee folk, whether meeting to dance beneath the stars, tearing apart houses that were built on fairy roads, or spiriting away their little hoards of gold. Learn how to find that gold, how to lift a fairy spell, and what it means when a Banshee wails outside your window.

Dorothy Hinshaw Patent. When it is a military Working Dog! Meet these four-legged heroes and see how they are raised and trained, and how they save lives and serve their country. Arnold Ringstad, illustrated by Kathleen Petelin.

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The Child's World, U. Presidents have been soldiers, one never made it past private, but so have dolphins and pigeons. One weapon today costs more than the entire Revolutionary War, yes, even adjusted for inflation. We didn't lose a single major battle in one war, but the White House was captured and burned in another.

It's a wacky walk through American warfare. Scholastic, Michael Sandler. Bearport, Electrifying Eco-Race Cars. Bearport, It's where gear-heads, speed-freaks, tree-huggers, and techno-nuts meet to say Bearport, Jet Powered Speed.

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Creepy Stations. Bearport, Thousands of people pass through train stations every day Train wreck victims, murder victims, and the only Pony Express rider killed in the line of duty; the various ghosts that are said to inhabit those places where so many people come to move on, and some never do.

Dinah Williams. Abandoned Insane Asylums. Bearport, Sarah Parvis. Creepy Castles. Bearport, Michael E. Dark Labyrinths. Ghost Towns. Haunted Hotels. Haunted Houses. Spooky Cemeteries.