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Google Scholar. Joshua R Lewis. Jonathan M Hodgson. Kun Zhu. Satvinder S Dhaliwal. Peter L Thompson. Richard L Prince. Cite Citation. Permissions Icon Permissions. ABSTRACT Background: Despite the contribution of dairy foods to total dietary saturated fat intake, available data indicate that dairy consumption may lower the risk of cardiovascular disease. Issue Section:. Download all figures. View Metrics. Email alerts New issue alert. Advance article alerts. The International Dairy Show ran in Atlanta last month.

I was there to look for articles, sources, ideas and to further my education on product formulation, processing techniques and current research. The No. Godfrey told me that the target audience is the active to year-old engaged in strenuous sports, like marathons, triathlons and serious body-building.

Global Dairy Platform Announce New Board Chair

Jim Carper ness proselytizers who will tell their friends about refueling with the beverage. Be careful very careful about on-pack claims.

Today's Modern Food: It's not what you think - Part 1 of 2

Shoppers have specific notions about what it means for a product to be natural, real, fresh and simple. They are seemingly nonplussed by naturally occurring fats, added Vitamin D and sodium. But use the wrong packaging or messaging, and all bets are off. Shoppers rejected a spreadable butter because its package resembled one used for margarines. Paul, Minn.

Milk processors lag in product innovations. Gary Hemphill of Beverage Marketing Corp. Single-serve beverages created for immediate consumption hold promise for dairy processors. Such beverages are less price-sensitive than beverages intended to be taken home and consumed there. Convenience stores are a natural channel for single-serve, drink-right-now beverages.

NCCP Raw Milk Summary Reports

I sipped a variety of flavored milks in aluminum bottles from the Upstate Niagara Co-operative at the Dairy and Beverage Bar on the show floor. I liked the strawberry-chocolate flavor. Individual processors cannot succeed alone. They need strong programs from associations to promote milk sales and partnerships with vendors to find better ways to formulate and process.

She got out in front of the issue, did some research of her own and was able to neutralize criticisms of the product from a vocal minority of parents. What did you learn in Atlanta? Send me a note or call me.

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The very little things. Lock, stock and barrel. And darn proud of it, because it makes for a project well done, and a client well pleased. Please contact Forrest McNabb at Processors Improve Profits with Benchmarking airy processors can ask a lot of questions. For example: How can I know if my dairy operations are cost competitive?

What areas should I focus on to improve margins and profits? How can I gain a market advantage on my competitors? These are a few questions that are likely to be answered with the use of benchmarks. These benchmarks can be financial such as plant cost per gallon of milk, manufacturing cost per pound of cheese, distribution cost per case, EBITDA earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization and so on.

Benchmarks can also be non-financial such as inventory out-of-stock rates, gallons processed per hour and product yields. Business benchmarks provide valuable intelligence to help an enterprise make more enlightened business decisions. Benchmarking is also the process of using comparable data to determine who or what is the very best and what that standard is. The key to using benchmarks is gathering relevant comparable information to determine an average or best practices standard and then comparing your information to that standard.

Sounds easy, but how do you gather the benchmark information? Department of Agriculture To make benchmarking beneficial, the development of the standards must use information that is truly comparable. Since many dairy products are somewhat homogeneous, benchmarking for the dairy industry can be very helpful. However, comparing information from a fluid plant that primarily bottles gallons and half gallons serving large grocery chains to a fluid plant producing large half-pint quantities serving schools may not be very helpful. To benefit from a benchmarking study, the key component is to obtain the most comparable company information.

Strategies and decisions could be misdirected if the right information is not used. Companies with multiple locations producing similar products should also consider comparing benchmarks for each location. Detailed benchmarking information will produce more insightful results.

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Many companies know total plant costs, but it is more valuable to know unit costs for cost centers or departments within the plant and even more valuable to know unit costs for expense categories with those departments. A fluid milk plant comparing its costs per gallon to the benchmarks in the table above would identify opportunities for improvement, whether it is process redesign, cost-cutting measures or productivity reviews.

Such an analysis provides management with the insight to focus in the areas more likely to produce positive results. Benchmarks can also be used as goals for managers to achieve, often tied to employee incentive plans. Continued on page 12 10 Dairy Foods October We have what it takes 1. Plants depend on our ability to respond within minutes and hours, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Date: December 7 Time: p. EST The U. Join us for our yearly look around the corner at the drivers and dynamics of the global dairy business — and what to expect in the year ahead. Can global demand hold? How have dairy producers worldwide responded to strong farmgate milk prices? You can play back the scheduled broadcast any time you like.

International Journal of Dairy Technology: Vol 64, No 3

In a federally regulated market, class price differences based on location are readily determinable. However, financial benchmarks for other costs of milk procurement, such as premiums paid, could also prove beneficial. Benchmarking milk shrinkage amounts and fat content in the product are often enlightening. Benchmarks for the cost of containers and ingredients would indicate if you are purchasing these items at the best price.

Data for butter, cheese plants You can find costs for butter, cheese and powder plants online. The U.

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  5. Once the most relevant comparable data are obtained and the findings are analyzed in a benchmarking exercise, you will often realize your areas of strengths and weaknesses. Then, you determine ways to close any gap between what you and others, including competitors, are doing. For example, you may design a more efficient process to cut costs or explore ways to streamline certain processes and functions. The ultimate goal is to bring your operation up to the standard considered the best in your industry, likely to result in productivity gains and increased profitability.

    He leads a team serving clients nationwide, including large multi-plant and small niche dairy processors. Judging was held Aug. On Oct.

    Foods with baked milk may help build tolerance in children with dairy allergies, study suggests

    A portion of the proceeds went to fund the Dr. Robert Bradley Scholarship Fund, which is awarded annually to a deserving student pursuing a career in the dairy industry. Go to www. Innovative and Healthy Ideas. Health-conscious consumers know the OU logo stands for quality beyond question. On March 1, House Agriculture Committee member Collin Peterson D-MN and Congressman Mike Simpson R-ID put forward a draft legislation for a dairy policy program, based on FFTF that is designed to compensate farmers for the gap between feed costs and the milk price by providing a floor for producer margins during times of low margins to prevent an erosion of equity.

    On Sept. We believe we have the best answer to the bottom line question of what should come next for dairy policy. This site provides a forum for farmers, legislators and the public to share ideas, thoughts and facts about the topic.