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This distribution channel involves more than one intermediary before the product gets into the hands of the consumer. This middleman, known as the agent, assists with the negotiation between the manufacturer and the seller. Agents come into play when the producers need to get their product into the market as quickly as possible. This happens mostly when the item is perishable and has to get to the market fresh before it starts to rot.

A mutual cooperation normally occurs when parties, in particular, the last channel of marketing chain of distribution meet. Their cooperation generates a greater output in terms of further profitability, by discernment and exploring newer markets of sales and building a better business relationship.

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The participants of distribution channels must have knowledge and experience not only for the effective maintenance of target segments but also to maintain the competitive advantage of the manufacturer. For example, an Agent who is able to vary prices for certain products can negotiate and or lower prices. This will assist him in sustain the comparative advantage, stay on top of its competitors and stay demanded on the market. A Broker works mainly to bring the seller and the buyer and to assist in the negotiation process.

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An intermediary like Broker is usually dependent on the commission of a sold product or production in terms of goods. In addition, therefore, a Broker is involved in one-off transactions and can not be an effective channel of distribution. In addition, having formed a channel of distribution it is important to remember that the exploitation and utilization of intermediaries in a business not only wholesalers, retailers but also transport logistics will lengthen the chain of distribution.

The best use and help of intermediaries can be applied to start-up businesses and perhaps an established business. Brands involved in selling through marketing channels also commonly known as distribution channels have relationships with the channel partners local resellers, retailers, field agents, etc. Brands that aim to maximize sales through channel partners provide them with advertising and promotional support that is pre-configured and often subsidized by the brand. Brands carry out online and offline advertising on behalf of channel partners to aid them in generating sales of their branded products.

Those online and offline marketing initiatives can either be isolated or coordinated to inform one another. An alternative term is distribution channel or 'route-to-market'. It is a 'path' or 'pipeline' through which goods and services flow in one direction from vendor to the consumer , and the payments generated by them flow in the opposite direction from consumer to the vendor.

A marketing channel can be as short as being direct from the vendor to the consumer or may include several inter-connected usually independent but mutually dependent intermediaries such as wholesalers, distributors, agents, retailers.

Each intermediary receives the item at one pricing point and moves it to the next higher pricing point until it reaches the final buyer. Marketing Channels can be long term or short term.

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Short term channels are influenced by market factors such as: business users, geographically concentrated, extensive technical knowledge and regular servicing required, and large orders. Short term product are influenced by factors such as: perishable, complex, and expensive. Short term producer factors include whether the manufacturer has adequate resources to perform channel functions, Broad product line, and channel control is important.

Short term competitive factors include: manufacturing feels satisfied with marketing intermediaries' performance in promoting products. Long term market factors include consumers, geographically dispersed, little technical knowledge and regular servicing is not required, and small orders. Product factors for long term marketing channels are: durable, standardized, and inexpensive. Producer factors are manufacturer lacks adequate resources to perform channel functions, limited product line, and channel control not important.

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The competitive factors are: manufacturer feels dissatisfied with marketing intermediaries' performance in promoting products. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Influences the firm's pricing strategy. Affecting product strategy through branding, policies, willingness to stock. Customizes profits, install, maintain, offer credit, etc.

And PPC campaigns give you the power to specify who your ads will reach based on factors like demographics, geography and search behavior. Google says its display network reaches 90 percent of all internet users. A majority of people in the U. Social media has become a huge part of how people spend their time and where they get their information.

Social media marketing is, therefore, another important digital marketing channel to include in any brand awareness strategy. Social media marketing encompasses everything you do on social media for freeā€”or at least, that you only pay for it in labor costs. It starts with researching the best channels to target, based on where your audience spends their time.

Social media marketing should be part self-promotion, part relationship-building. Use your platforms to share content from other blogs and influencers in your industry that are useful to your audience, and to participate in relevant conversations.

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A big challenge in social media marketing, especially for new accounts, is that the only people who see most of your updates are those who have already followed you. That makes using social media marketing for brand awareness a slow proposition. But you can earn visibility and followers faster by also investing in social media advertising. All of the main social media platforms include advertising options, and most of them are pay-per-click like search advertising is. They also include extensive targeting options so you can get your messaging in front of the specific social media users most likely to be interested in your brand.

In addition to advertising with the main social platforms, many brands are gaining traction on social media by identifying popular influencers in their niche and working with them to promote their brands. People with a large following on social media have already gained the trust and attention of your audience. Content marketing is both an important digital marketing channel in its own right, and one that supports many of the other channels on this list.

It also gives other websites more reasons to link to you, which is a key ranking factor for the search engines. In addition, every piece of useful content that your audience will want to click on is something you can promote on social media and in your ads. Buying cycles often take months or even years and involve multiple people. Public relations is another powerful digital marketing channel and one that often gets less attention than the others on the list. While the costs of inbound marketing can vary, it is generally more time-consuming than some other forms of marketing.

It also requires plenty of attention to the quality of the message.


Content marketing is very similar to inbound marketing, as both channels are focused on the creation of content. Content marketing also involves the creation of e-books, video tutorials, how-to guides, and blogging in general. The difference to inbound marketing is in the strategies after the content is released. In terms of the costs, content marketing can either be relatively cheap or cost quite a bit. Nonetheless, it is often an essential aspect of search engine marketing, as it can be an organic part of SEO strategies.

Social media marketing has been among the most popular methods in recent years. The channel focuses on promoting the business on social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. There are two routes to social media marketing: the organic and free marketing , and the paid marketing strategies. The free method involves with the creation of engaging content and encouraging people to share your content. On the other hand, paid strategies involve the purchase of ad space on these networks. The method requires a lot of planning and careful focus on the execution.

Bad social media mishaps can do plenty of damage to a brand image, so a business has to know what they are doing. Depending on the tactic, social media can be cost effective and consumers are more likely to engage in financial transactions with companies they interact with on social media.

The focus is on creating marketing campaigns , which target the consumer directly through mobile devices. Mobile marketing can be an effective and engaging method of marketing. Depending on the method of advertising, it can also be relatively cost effective. One of the aspects of selecting the right marketing campaigns involves the cost of the marketing channel.

The key is to measure the success in terms of the cost of running the campaign and the gains you make from the campaign. The key to picking the right marketing medium starts by understanding the following aspects:. First, you must identify the objectives you are looking to measure. This means defining the primary objective of your marketing campaign. You then need to set performance metrics that enable the measuring of the above objective. The metrics will differ whether you are using a traditional marketing method or using a newer, digital marketing channel.

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The most important thing to remember is to plan your marketing operations carefully and use a few different channels to find out which one is the most efficient for your needs. E-mail is already registered on the site. Please use the Login form or enter another.