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Read preview. Synopsis Rethinking World Politics is a major intervention into a central debate in international relations: how has globalization transformed world politics?

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Most work on world politics still presumes the following: in domestic affairs, individual states function as essentially unified entities, and in international affairs, stable nation-states interact with each other. In this scholarship, the state lies at the center; it is what politics is all about.

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However, Philip Cerny contends that recent experience suggests another process at work: "transnational neopluralism. Cerny explains that contemporary world politics is subject to similar pressures from a wide variety of sub- and supra-national actors, many of which are organized transnationally rather than nationally. In recent years, the ability of transnational governance bodies, NGOs, and transnational firms to shape world politics has steadily grown.

Importantly, the rapidly growing transnational linkages among groups and the emergence of increasingly influential, even powerful, cross-border interest and value groups is new.

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  8. These processes are not replacing nation-states, but they are forging new transnational webs of power. States, he argues, are themselves increasingly trapped in these webs.

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    After mapping out the dynamics behind contemporary world politics, Cerny closes by prognosticating where this might all lead. Sweeping in its scope, Rethinking World Politics is a landmark work of international relations theory that upends much of our received wisdom about how world politics works and offers us new ways to think about the forces shaping the contemporary world. Excerpt The theme of this book is that the fundamental underpinnings of world politics are being transformed in a globalizing world.

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    Rethinking World Politics : A Theory of Transnational Neopluralism

    Something Is Happening Ben's research interests lie in comparative and international political economy, and he has published widely on French and comparative capitalisms, the politics of economic ideas, capital mobility and economic policy autonomy, the political economy of social democracy, and French and British politics. His teaching and research focus on the political economy of global finance, issues and themes associated with economic and financial governance, and theoretical debates within the field of international political economy.

    Catherine received her PhD on China and the Liberal International Order from the University of Reading in , which she is currently converting into a book. His main research area is European foreign policy in multilateral institutions. Laatikainen eds.

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    Lysandrou and A. Her research interests are in gendered performance and politics, gender and political institutions and gender and the political economy of development. His research interests sit at the interface of European and International Political Economy where he focuses on issues relating to trade and development politics, constructivism and responses to the economic crisis.