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Its structures and mentality need to be responsive, a resource, and a source of support. On my doorstep, in Hackney Momentum, we try to ensure that our meetings always include a discussion with local campaigns — such as the occupation of empty council houses by Sisters Uncut, seeking to create and get council support for a centre for women facing domestic violence.

We discuss with them how Momentum can support them, build their social base and political impact. We focus on this promotion of grassroots solutions alongside political education aimed at the young people enthused by the new politics and canvassing for the Labour party, and opening up local party structures to the creative initiatives around them. Our own institutions are being built to facilitate this dual strategy of reaching outside the Labour party as well as working inside it.

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The people who gave so much of their lives to building and sustaining them often have the capacity to transform the content and reach of these institutions too. In other areas, community activists are using their organising skills to turn old Labour party structures into a resource for militant campaigns. In all these ways, the crown in parliament is facing a lot more than protest or paper resolutions. This is about creating lasting solutions that both prefigure and prepare for an end to austerity politics, and build the popular self-confidence to elect a Labour-led government.

London: a capital of protest politics

But it cannot concern itself simply with electoral politics. It will need, like Momentum, and like the Radical Independence Campaign in Scotland , to be driven by popular struggle: a people-powered politics. Topics Momentum Opinion. The issues discussed include demonstrations, direct action, counter-cultural protest, industrial unrest, urban disorder and politically motivated violence.

The book concludes with an examination of the extent to which the United Kingdom's liberal democrat political system has been undermined by the response of the state to these activities. JavaScript is currently disabled, this site works much better if you enable JavaScript in your browser. Publishing With Us. Book Authors Journal Authors.

The Politics of Constitutional Amendment

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