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As part of its ongoing community outreach, Himalayan Institute Cameroon HIC is now working with a local hospital to teach nurses practical yoga techniques.

Fifty nursing students in their final year of school were in attendance for the class. After beginning outside with some simple warm-up exercises and stretches, the class moved indoors to discuss how these same exercises could be modified for bedridden patients. Bringing movement and increased circulation to bedridden patients was a primary focus of the class, and so a few self-massage methods were taught to supplement the Joints and Glands exercises.

Yoga For Nurses: How and why nurses should practice yoga

Kegel exercises, the abdominal squeeze, and agni sara were taught as a means of improving digestion and increasing energy. After pregnancy, many women have a difficult time bringing strength back to their abdomen.

The nurses in the class were excited to learn new exercises to increase strength and burn fat. Next, the class brought its focus to breath techniques and exercises.

Alaska Yoga for Nurses | Elite Learning

Several exercises were taught to identify the difference between diaphragmatic and chest breathing. Yoga has the power to strengthen the connection between your body and your mind. Reinforcing this link helps to promote your overall sense of wellness and emotional health. To avoid burnout and compassion fatigue as a nurse, taking care of yourself is absolutely crucial.

Focusing exclusively on your own movement and breathing calms your mind, and this inward focus can lead to better self-acceptance. You give so much of your time to others in this profession, but sometimes you need to take a moment and appreciate yourself. I may not be a nurse myself, but I understand how physically and mentally draining the job can be. I have been doing yoga for the last few months and I started noticing the benefits almost instantly.

Easy Yoga Poses For Travel Nurses

Practicing yoga regularly has helped me calm my mind and strengthen my body significantly. It is also something that I look forward to doing at the end of my day because of how relaxing it is.

The video below was done by Yoga With Adriene , who created a minute routine specifically for nurses. Now that you know a little bit about the benefits of yoga for nurses, check out some more self-care tips on our blog!

Here are some of the benefits of Yoga:

Remember that the first step in taking care of others is taking care of yourself. Being a nurse, you need to have a strong mind and body. Not only are you exposed to a lot of diseases every day, but you also get to feel varying emotions throughout the day. They may even affect the way you function at home. When you practice yoga, you get to concentrate on your breathing as well as your body.

This concentration allows you to clear your mind and soothe your worries.

Yoga intervention ups sleep quality for staff nurses

As you are able to discharge stress and your unpleasant thoughts, your mind gets freed from negative ideas and emotions. Constantly practicing yoga will enable you to have a better stress response system. Apart from that, yoga can also keep your blood pressure and pulse within normal range. It can even help you breathe better during stressful situations.

Stress is also one of the reasons why nurses gain weight. It makes you more prone to mindless eating and slows down your metabolism. It can make you crave for foods, too. As a nurse, you have to be focused at all times. It may even affect your ability to think clearly and make proper judgment. It can help with insomnia.

Yoga For Manual Labor - Yoga With Adriene

When you work on a series of night shifts, your internal clock gets so messed up that you find it hard to get a decent sleep.